Firms often call us for strategic sales consulting when they’re already in crisis mode, but not always. Back in 2010, I was contacted by a small business aiming to scale up revenue and become a national competitor. They did have two salespeople, but they didn’t have a sales strategy in place to make their desired growth happen. They were stuck with a small-scale model bringing in small but dependable revenues of about $100,000 per month; nothing to sneeze at, but not enough to really give other players in their industry a run for their money.

“How can we turn our small-scale company into a giant with sustainable revenues?” they asked. We’d come highly recommended by another company that had faced similar challenges and  our new sales consulting client was counting on us to repeat that success.

The path to bigger revenue

Our first priority was understanding their business and what their resources and capacity situation was. Their “sales team” turned out to be “service consultants” without clearly-defined sales roles or goals. This made it impossible to measure or refine their performance. That was a problem. As well as the confusion over roles, there was really no structure in place for a sales process.

Our job as strategic sales consultants is not just to identify the problems, but to propose and help implement sales solutions. We put in place roles and proven sales processes, along with a monitoring plan that would help us refine our activities every month. We recruited additional sales resources. Ultimately, the sales management of that sales team was given over to us – meaning our client did not need to hire a full-time in house sales manager.

Results came fast and kept coming. “In our first year, we doubled revenues,” Priority Solutions’ representative said, pointing to an impressive (and accurate) line graph showing the seamlessly upward trajectory of sales. “Now the client is doing even better, at about $290,000 in sales per month.” The client was pleased – after just a few years of working with us, they had made that successful transition from small-scale enterprise to national giant – and that growth is not slowing down.

Our role is not just to realize huge revenue returns but create a platform for ongoing and sustainable growth.  This requires sales strategies and proven sales processes that can turn small companies into big corporations.

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