In my sales consulting experience, the problems can sometimes seem impossibly hard — until you break it down into bits you can tackle, one part at a time. I think back to one education organization that needed serious help. Their college was in big trouble.  Student enrollments weren’t budging. They had no sales pipeline to speak of, much less sustainable revenues. They couldn’t figure out the problem – and even worse, they didn’t have a clear idea of their financial position to know how much money they were losing each month. It was a perfect storm – and perhaps the only thing that was keeping them going was that thanks to negligent bookkeeping, they didn’t know how bad things were getting.

A Sales Consulting Case Study. Lessons Learned

“Sales were bad,” says the client, who grimly recalls his exasperation. “We had two enrollers and we were getting a lot of traffic on our website, but the rate of closure on selling opportunities just wasn’t being realized,” says the Executive Director at the college. “We went to a colleague we trusted and asked for a good business consultant who understood strategic sales – and that’s when we were introduced to Heidi Hamilton of Priority Solutions.”

We often work with clients right from the start to help sales teams launch with the right direction with sales strategy, training and processes – but often, companies will hire us after things have gone off the rails. We don’t shy away from those kinds of challenges; actually, we thrive on them.

We started our research on the company, talking to their sales people and getting a handle on their processes. Very soon, we got to the root of the problem.

“Your sales team is getting just a 3 percent closure rate from all of that traffic you’re getting on the site, plus other channels,” we told the Director. They were running at a loss.

“Why is this happening?” he asked.

“Your sales people aren’t providing any nurturing or follow-up to sales prospects,” I said. “From what we’ve seen, the only potential students they pay attention to are those who literally walk in your door.”

The Director shook his head. “Do we replace them or train them?”

“We can get them up to speed with sales management training,” I said. “But that won’t be enough. You’re in a mature market and your competitors are offering online programs, while you’ve stuck with your old business model. You’re going to have to re-engineer the whole business to get sales back up.”

“How do we do that?” the Director asked. He seemed overwhelmed.

“We do a lot more than sales training,” I said. “We can help you with that.”

We trained their sales people using proven methodologies and processes – and as promised, we helped revitalize their business model. In time, we got them the financial planning support they required to sort out their books. The results: that 3% closure rate went up dramatically and revenues went from $700,000 to $1.3 million in the first year alone. Today, the college is not just fiscally viable – it’s expanding.

Strategic sales consulting is more than just sales training and processes; I can identify strategic business problems and help your organization implement solutions that work. I’m also a sales coach in Vancouver who can help organizations set goals and start taking actions to succeed.

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