There’s always one surefire solution: set the sales quota realistically, without top management pushing around the sales manager and burning out local sales reps –  another conversation entirely!  Assuming your company is sticking with their quotas, how we can get sales professionals to beat this sticky lower-than-desired success rate? Sales training can help.

A recent sales strategy article from Forbes highlights the problem:

Sales’ is always in the CEO’s crosshairs. For the simple reason that despite billions being spent annually on technology, sales training and recruiting – the percentage of sales reps that meet quota has stubbornly remained at 50 percent for years, if not decades. 

The culprit lies in Sales hanging on to old habits and inadequate enablement.

So, companies have to enable sales people to do their jobs. What does that mean, exactly?

Communicate Value. This means identifying and communicating the value of what they’re selling before they go ask the salesperson to fill their quota. How is your offering better your competitors? This is where the leadership team and marketing department come in. They need to keep in mind that features and benefits are not the same thing – and that customers are attracted to the latter. Something only benefits me if it meets a particular need I have – What is that need?  Make sure you understand your target audience’s need and then communicate the value to THAT audience clearly!

It takes sales training for professionals to be able to communicate like this

Identify the need, probe by asking the questions that confirm that:

  • There is indeed a need
  • The need is one that needs resolution now (it is causing issues or discomfort)
  • The customer has the resources (money) to address the need.

Qualifying effectively makes sure your time is not wasted and that you focus on where you will get the best results.  Both marketing and sales assist in this process.  Marketing – positions content to “pull” the correct audience, hence pre-qualifying the opportunity for sales. This approach saves a lot of time, definitely increases conversion and is why informed business has moved to content based marketing strategies.