Your salespeople have got the perfect solution for your customer’s problem – but how will the client pay for it? Can your sales professionals help them figure it out? Do they understand how the numbers look, even to measure their own sales performance? As we’ve seen time and again with our own sessions for sales training in Vancouver and elsewhere, it’s about getting people to focus on the numbers that matter. To know these things, your sales people need a financial approach to sales processes.

Too many business owners see a sharp dividing line between their financial experts and their salespeople. Their CFOs and accountants run the numbers; salespeople are talkers. That all-too-common perspective is a contributing factor for the fiery crashes of way too many companies to count.

How does financial knowledge help your sales team perform better?

You’re not just trying to sell a pre-packaged product or service to anyone and everyone. Your sales team needs to find out your targeted customer’s needs and provide a solution that matches their business reality. To do that, they’ll need to be able to answer financial questions:

  • What is the value or benefit of the solution you’re selling, in financial terms? (What’s the return on investment)?
  • Understanding this customer’s balance sheets, what kind of solution can they afford?
  • Is the solution you’re selling financially sustainable for the customer? What’s the payback period? If they can’t handle a one-time lump sum payment, does it need to be amortized – and can you offer favorable terms the customer can accept?
  • What is it going to cost the customer if they don’t use your solution? (Sometimes, the value doesn’t just come from a straight-up benefit, but from prevention of loss, such as with security or insurance).
  • If you’re experiencing payment problems with a client, are you able to suggest a win-win financial solution to get the relationship back on track?

Sales training is the key to understanding these numbers

From Vancouver, our sales training experts help you  answer these questions around what your people need to know as part of the overall sales process. When they can engage the customer with numbers that make sense, sales follow.