Integrated Sales and Marketing case studyI had an absolutely amazing time at the Digital Strategy Conference happening in Vancouver last week – and I’m pleased to see some very positive feedback about my presentation of an Erickson Coaching International Case Study: Applying true Click to Close Strategy (You can find some of that feedback on Twitter). We looked closely at integrated sales and marketing. Thanks very much to Eileen Bistrisky for co-presenting and helping to put what we had to say into a very relevant context.

A big focus of my work with business clients these days is using the Click to Close approach to achieve bigger targets – and Erickson College has been through the process, from idea to strategy to execution.

In essence, Erickson College faced a similar challenge to what many firms face today: their marketing spending was significantly higher than other organizations in their sector and they were spending it ineffectively, on paid advertising whose results were hard to measure. They recognized they were losing ground to competitors who were starting to catch up to Erickson’s trailblazing footsteps – and the way out of this just wasn’t clear.

Shifting gears was hard and involved many moving parts. We identified their real target demographic, refined our understanding of the buying cycle, reviewed the brand strategy and ultimately changed the whole approach of winning new business by shifting from selling to educating. Ultimately, Erickson created content that really spoke to their audience, engaging their attention and holding it, while engendering real trust in the brand.

The results were anything but squishy, as we saw major improvements in the ROI of their sales and marketing effort: marketing spending as a percentage of revenue was cut in half from 20 percent to 10 percent; paid search cost per customer went down by a factor of 10; their Adwords spend went down nearly three quarters; and organic search traffic went up from a paltry 22 percent to a healthy 60 percent. As enrollment climbed back into healthy territory, the ROI of this Click to Close effort was clear proof that the method works.

Get an overview of the Click to Close presentation in PowerPoint for an in-depth view of integrated sales and marketing.

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