When you need Certified Management ConsultantsI started doing outsourced sales management consulting and related work here in Vancouver a while back, but I still like to keep up to date with news from back in South Africa (My accent? That’s it). One headline of business news stuck out for me: “Consultants to be vetted in future” (my italics added – you just knew from the headline that it was going to be bad). It turns out that private sector consultants had billed municipal governments R700 million (CDN $71 million) for improvements in financial services and auditing. They had virtually nothing to show for all of it. Sounds bad? Well, they wouldn’t be the first folks to wonder where the money went after hiring an outside expert. Right here in Vancouver, TransLink’s over-budget and delayed Compass Card program that’s burning through $194 million and rising has left taxpayers fuming.

The same kinds of shenanigans do happen in the private sector as well. For all the certified management consultants that do the job they’ve promised to do, there are plenty more “experts” who frequently leave companies worse off than when they were hired.

How can companies looking to outsource sales management or related business consulting services tell the difference between a winner and an cunning amateur who can talk a good game – and maybe even has the kind of credentials that sound respectable?

CMC-Canada. Certified Management Consultants are the experts

There’s an organization called the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada) that most people have never heard of. This is a shame as when hiring an outside management consultant, it really is difficult to know who to trust. CMC-Canada is a resource available to businesses when hiring an external consultant.

There’s a stringent vetting process where they ensure you’ve got at least 3 years independent and proven consulting experience.  A sponsor with an already proven reputation is also required in the process to ensure reliability of candidates. To gain this certification, my work was evaluated, I underwent a rigorous competency based interview process and I’ve made a commitment to ongoing professional development, along with a professional code of ethics.

Now, it’s certainly possible for a management consultant to be good at their job, results-oriented, professional, ethical – all of the things that you would want. But if they’re not certified, and you have not been exposed to their work beforehand (and who has) a client can’t really know that before-hand. Why deal with guesswork? When a consultant is certified with CMC-Canada, you know they’ve got the goods.

I’m a proud member of CMC-Canada — and it’s with this designation that I offer sales consulting services. It’s not the first thing that my clients find out about me. But after I’ve been hired, done the work, gotten the results they wanted – and we’re evaluating the next steps, that’s when it comes out: “You know I didn’t know you were with CMC-Canada – but I’m not surprised.”

Risk-based Results from an Outsourced Sales Management Consultant?

Even before I became a professional CMC, my attitude has always been that the client should get what they pay for. When clients hire me on as an Outsourced Sales Management Consultant, they pay for results from a well-defined scope of work. Essentially, you’re paying for results, not just effort.

Just one more reason you can trust this consultant to get the results you want.

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