Short answer: yes, if the client is willing to put in the work. The person who can guarantee bigger sales revenues is not the sales consultant. At the end of the day, it’s actually up to the client. The sales consultant can advise, recommend and occasionally cajole — but the company that hired them has to actually act on their advice. Sales strategy is a big job, but a key element of any strategy is to actually implement it (ideally, without any procrastination).

A call to action from a sales consultant in Vancouver — if you want bigger sales, you have to take action

Companies are like people – they’re always in crisis mode. I was thinking about this at my office when I had a pain in my tooth a while back. I ignored it at first. I was busy – too busy to deal with what seemed like a minor ache. Besides, I was a little worried about what the dentist would find (I’ve never had a root canal and never want to have one). Pretty soon, it was affecting my sleep. Fortunately I got to the dentist in time to deal with the issue.

If you have a toothache, you need to be willing to go through the pain of change to get it fixed. It’s the same in business: until struggling companies recognize what their role is in change and that and they have to go through pain of change, no CRM system or process is going to be able to help them.

Think of Kodak – the famous company that invented the digital camera wasn’t willing to re-focus its product line to take advantage of the new technology, for fear of cannibalizing their own sales. They weren’t willing to undergo the pain of change, so they got cannibalized by their competitors.

As a strategic sales consultant in Vancouver, I often find that clients are looking for silver bullets: easy-to-implement, pain-free fixes. I don’t believe in making those promises. I can only guarantee results if the client is ready and prepared to implement the change – and it’s NEVER pain-free. Still, we can offer something to reassure our clients:

Our At-Risk Model of Strategic Sales Consulting

No sales consultant can guarantee bigger sales revenues, but we come pretty close. Our strategic sales consulting fees are set at a project price, not by the hour. We select our metrics for success in consultation with the client, such as increasing conversion rates on sales or leads. 50% of the contract is paid up front, but if we don’t deliver when clients meet their responsibilities to undertake the pain of change we recommend, they don’t pay the remaining 50%! Thankfully, we have never forfeited any of our at risk fees and the client has got the results they wanted.

I believe that if consultants were more open to highlighting the pain to their clients and willing to walk with them through this often disruptive and painful process, there would be less disillusionment on outcomes.  It’s called putting your money where your mouth is.

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